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All images are proprety of ©Sonny Randon Photography

A truck themed house float (from one of our Krewes) is seen below!!

About Us

The Truck Parade of Crescent City was founded in 1947 and is made of ~2,500 riders.  To learn more about The Krewe of Crescent City, click here!



Your Truck

To learn more about the specifications for building your truck, click here!


The Krewe has 2 meetings per year [May and October].

If you missed a meeting and would like to know more information, click here!


If extra forms are necessary, click here!

Arthur Hardy

For all of your Mardi Gras needs, pick up a copy of Arthur Hardy's Mardi Gras Guide!  Click here!

General MG Info

For more Mardi Gras information, head on over to another Mardi Gras webpage by clicking here!

Sonny Randon

We deal strictly with one photographer: Sonny Randon! We are huge fans of his work and all that he does for us.  Check it out by clicking here!

Mardi Gras 2023 Winners

Top 10 trucks will be pictured above soon

Visit us on facebook for candid photos from 2022!

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1.  Family Tradition- truck 2

          "You Got a Friend in Me."

2. Over the Hill 4- truck 32

          "Lion King"

3. Family Ties- truck 1

          "It's Mardi Gras, We're Having a Whale of a 


4. Over the Hill 5- truck 38

          "Ninja Turtles"

5. Da Crew and Da Boos- truck 42

          "Who Dat Chefs"

6. Over the Hill 2- truck 14

          "Where's the 8 Ball?"

7. Friends Unlimited- truck 4

          "Mardi Gras Genies"

8. Krewe of Diamonds- truck 33

          "Westbank Soulja's"

9. Krewe of Princess Derrion- truck 31

          "Egyptian Romance"

10. Williams Family- truck 5

          "The Mystery Krewe"

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