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Arthur Hardy

For all of your Mardi Gras needs, pick up a copy of Arthur Hardy's Mardi Gras Guide!  Click here!

Sonny Randon

We deal strictly with one photographer: Sonny Randon! We are huge fans of his work and all that he does for us.  Check it out by clicking here!

Visit us on facebook for candid photos from 2023!

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Mardi Gras 2024 Winners

1.  Family Tradition- truck 1            "Yabba Dabba Do."

2. Over the Hill 4- truck 2               "The Melons in Town for Mardi


3. Robateau Family- truck 11           "King Tut at Mardi Gras"


4. Family Ties- truck 3                      "Bug's Life"

5. Over the Hill 5- truck 4                 "Bees and Bee Keepers"

6. The Get Along Gang- truck 52     "Toodles, It's Time to Play Ball"

7. Krewe of Onyx- truck 48               "Monopoly NOLA Style"

8. Da Crew and Da Boos- truck 5     "Candy Gras"

9. Gilscot Krewe- truck 21                 "Duck Hunting"

10. Da Family Joint- truck 14             "Blast From the Past""

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