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Truck specifications include but are not limited to the following:

  • Each truck will pick a title and a theme to be carried out through their costumes and decorations.  


  • No two trucks are allowed to have the same exact title or theme.  Themes must be approved.   


  • The number of riders on a truck will be determined by each individual club.

  • Trucks must not exceed 65 feet in overall length [from front bumper of tractor to back bumper of trailer].  Trucks cannot exceed a height of 13 feet a 10 feet in width.


  • All trucks must have sides constructed to a length of not more than 1 foot [12 inches] from the ground.  It is required that sides be furnished with a fringe or dressing that touches the ground.


  • All trucks are required to have closed sides a minimum of 42 inches high (from floor) to protect riders.  This exempts CCTP from the City's safety belt regulation.


  • Crescent City Number Signs [provided by CCTP] must be displayed on the left, right, AND rear of the trailer.  They must remain visible throughout the parade.


  • All trucks must have two approved fire extinguishers [10 lb., ABC] with current inspection tags.


  • Each truck must have a safety ladder.


  • Each truck must have at least one comfort station.


  • NO TRUCK will be allowed to advertise, display, or throw anything of a commerical of political nature.  If you are in doubt, please call and check with us.


  • Music is allowed on individual trucks; however, no music with foul language is allowed.


  • Per city ordinance, no children under 3 are allowed to ride.  Those 3 to 5 must be in a wooden high chair bolted to the floor of the truck and children 6 to 12 must wear a safety belt (regulations in place for design of belts!).


For more information and a complete list, please see the rules and regulation handout.

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