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Crescent City Meeting Information.

We have 2 meetings per year; one in May and one in September.  The weekend before Mardi Gras, a Krewe member must pick up insurance papers, police signs, and truck numbers from a predetermined location.  If you missed a meeting, some of the main items discussed are listed below.

September 2023
  • Staff introduced. 

  • Reminded about location of numbers.

  • Will not be checking drivers this year.

    • You CANNOT switch drivers as they are insured for your truck only!​

  • End of route unclear at this time.

  • Insurance is due Dec 18th. 

  • Captain's jackets handed out.

  • Thank you for turning music down at line up area.

  • NO SMOKING of any type!

  • Do you know a float builder? Let us know!

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