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When you are interested in riding, the first decision you must make is deciding if you want to join an existing krewes truck as a rider or if you want to place an entire truck into the parade with your own krewe.

Join as a rider on existing krewes truck

Join my own full truck

Existing krewes often have room for extra or new riders on their trucks.  Keep in mind that there is a fee (decided by each truck captain) to ride on an existing krewe's truck.  This fee covers the cost of decorations, costume, and required krewe fees.  The fee does not include the cost of your throws (your responsibility). Also, the New Orleans City Ordnance does not allow anyone under the age of 3 years to ride. 

If interested in riding, contact us herePlease include the approximate number of people you are interested in placing on a truck.  We will contact your back around October once our krewes are more aware of the number of open spots they have available. 


Existing krewes are provided the opportunity to re-register by August 1st before spots are opened to new krewes.  

You can contact us here to join our waiting list and we will contact you back if/when a position is available. 


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